Tuesday, September 17, 2019

An Odyssey of Creativity and Wisdom: Day 22

one thousand words daily

one thousand words daily: Day 22 – the possibility of

               Due to what I have experienced in my short 38 years, I am one that believes in miracles.   If anyone were to tell me that something weren’t possible or not able to do, I would ignore or out loud say “Bullshit!”   I admit that I myself need to learn a bit more of patience... ok maybe a lot more than a little bit but I am learning, slowly.  I get discouraged, pissed off and think, “damn, why do people have to make the simplest things so got-damn difficult… for no good reason,” but that is just the way in which some systems are designed.  There are systems, laws and other things in societies designed for us to fail, succeed (by their standards of success) as well as systems to keep us stagnant on a perpetual hamster wheel.  Meeting with various folks, I am reminded of “SHABLAM!!!”… the REAL!

real recognize real
               In my upcoming book, The Art to Seasoning Life, I dedicated a whole chapter toward what I dubbed “Originality Takes the Cake,” simply meaning that our uniqueness and originality as an individual is enough fuel to spark the best fires in relationships of all kinds.  By simply being ourselves, we often lend a perspective or as I say, a “perfect ingredient,” to conversations, relationships and even in new business ventures.   That quote from Marianne Williamson comes to mind when it says “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you...” yet we are fed these messages  intentionally, subliminally as well as right in our faces, on a daily.

the push-back
               What do we do to combat these negative forces, which I have dubbed “The Opposition?”
We fight back with diligence, patience, focus, truth and this amazing unseen substance called Love is what we do!  Granted that there are countless numbers of imbeciles that have been taught that they have to take from others to survive, thus they only know how to take, Take, TAKE - opposed to building stable foundations for themselves.  I have witnessed many with this mindset fail miserably, no matter how big they perceived themselves to be and no matter how they exerted their perception of power.  In the beginning as well as the end, although it helps some, it does not matter how you start off financially but what your goals are, how you set them and whether or not you are open to “The Possibility of…” My fiancé calls this “The Audacity to do…” which is exactly what it is.

dare to be be audacious
               We must be audacious and courageous when reaching towards our desires and dreams.  When raising a family we are often told that we must “suck it up and get a stable job,” but if you can genuinely do more than others, more than your employers, then you owe it to yourself as well as your family to invest in yourself and shine like the stars that shine down upon all of us.  Anything else would be lying to ourselves, right?  How can we be comfortable, knowing that we can be living a better quality of existence, a much richer life with a lot more potential, open to endless possibilities?   I for one just can’t do that y’all so I’m writing and striving towards perfection, deflecting blows, rolling with the punches and not stumbling across but being fed with amazing blessings I would in no other way have been given or trusted with. 

               I know that I might have touched on the subject of being audacious yet I felt a passion to write about it once more. Matter of fact, I was taking a shit in my makeshift office of Starbucks and kind of got really inspired. Clearing the mind and body have that sort of effect, you know, when you have the inclination to write an important idea down or call someone.  I guess it is time that I shut up now and leave you guys a poem. BTW I go in for surgery soon (Titanium rod replacement and fusing bones, taking one out of my hip and putting it in my lower tibia and fibula) where I will not be able to walk or function like I want but I think that I am ready, although I still feel a bit scared for the reason that they are just too lax about the whole thing.   
               Please pray for me and my family!

Clouds with faces do not blow the fierce winds we perceive
As conditions are now created by us oblivious to the deconstructs of greed
Some believe it bad when wind topples branches or unstable trees yet
There was reason within season as they were possibly not in the right place, us
Misplacing trust and erasing much to create a way of comfort without stepping back
Looking at the whole portrait of Ansel Adams in flesh not just on canvas for
While we plot and plan, Earth reminds how fragile and confined we are and
How flawed a design we can become when taking things for granted
Yet by measuring our own success we walk away with something special
Magic and miracles surface on soils when we never thought at night, it did rain
We notice a wet pavement and through the expectance of morning dew
Many seedlings and spores sprout creating clout is what they do but
We are just as fragile as they
Needing nourishment of all types
Not just moisture, soil and sunlight
Believing and acting on faith, we find a ways of more than one but many a ways to provide
Soaking up realness from gifters not takers while shaking off the fakers
We step forth with proper power showering others with hope and love, we survive

Dare to Achieve

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

An Odyssey of Creativity and Wisdom: Day 21

one thousand words daily

one thousand words daily: Day 21
Understanding, Comraderies and Smiles: Building Right Where We Are

            As if breathing was not simple enough… there are many moments which can force or under pressure, persuade us to slow down, relish in the moment and take stock in.  Being and living in a fast-paced environment can sometimes put a choke hold on our spirit.   I believe that we were designed to work in a community environment where all needs are close by and usually met.  In this journey called existence, it is of utmost importance that we learn to exercise a few goods habits.  There are many things which could help us be more successful, stronger, more intelligent and attractive yet it seems as though more negative habits are passed down than good ones.
            For some, practicing good habits means physical exercise as in physical wellness.  With others, good habits might include eating healthy or being in a healthy relationship, while cutting off poisonous relationships.  Poisonous relationships from home to work have a tendency to sometimes stunt our intellectual as well as spiritual growth.  Maintaining balance with relationships in our social lives, whether it is family or impersonal is crucial for ones well-being.  One of these good habits is surprisingly within our social nature. 

benefits of gaining understandings and finding common ground
            Understanding or yet, ‘the attempt to understand,’ others can often offer the best lessons.  Since we live similar, i.e.; eat, drink and require the same elements for survival, it seems that more individuals should share common ground and easily find it.  Common ground is often shared when ownership is not attached, such a property, land, socio-economic circumstances or the institution of a criterion which acknowledges differences such as the dangerous “isms,” of racism or classism.  When individuals can pay attention to the details of the lives of others and in turn, can empathize with their situation, whether it is success-driven or struggle-ridden, the ability to connect and understand what another has to endure on a situational or daily basis can much easier be realized.  The Truth of the matter is when we understand others, we become more inclined to assist them, thus we do not feel the urgency of need or guilt associated with not helping, but feel more comfortable in executing the task of “lending a helping hand.” 
            Trust is an underlying issue in any relationship, whether familial or business.  Positioning yourself in any situation of education, personal growth, and business growth, growth with family or in a relationship to be ready to trust is a milestone.  Some of us might have been burned or burdened when we decided to take a certain position, enter an agreement with a family member or strike a commitment of any kind, especially when it comes to personal relationships.  One thing for certain is that we cannot apply our goals, standards or our passions onto another.  Expecting a direct understanding of what our goal is or what needs to be done in our absence can set us up for disappointment due to the fact that we are all individuals with different goals, dreams, ways of thinking and living, so we cannot expect others to put forth the same vigor and energy as we have put forth, no matter what was agreed.   

the dangers of assuming
          As I spoke about in the paragraph above, we cannot set unrealistic expectations for ourselves or for others.  To Hope and to Dream requires lots of strength, vision as well as imagination and energy on our part.  To put that energy towards a goal that is not clearly defined can result in self-sabotage.  We cannot assume that every goal we set in relationships, with jobs, with community or with business will work out the way in which we have planned.  There are many factors in timing, human error, traffic and even weather that can impede these goals we make.
            Having faith in others is a good thing to have however we must all be weary as we do not want our valuable time or energy wasted.  A question is how do you view the time you spend?  Do you notice lessons within your experiences from others?  Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full type of folk?  Can you recognize the value in a lesson, even when walking away from a negative experience? 
            Remaining Positive, no matter the outcome not only builds a much solid character, but teaches you to build in places and in times when others would only see failure.  I can recall these “Drunk Glasses,” highway patrol officers and other officers would bring to conventions.  We can be just as prepared in teaching ourselves how to see things and situations through different lenses.  By throwing on your Positive sun glasses, it is possible be able to view an opportunity or insight others completely miss.  Remaining positive and walking through all doors with a positive attitude and outlook can yield unexpected and oftentimes very great rewards.

The Cost and Weight of a simple smile
          Imagine yourself, walking through a door to meet family, friends or a significant other and when you expect a smile, to only be met with a frown or scowling face.  No one wants to feel threatened or uncomfortable when looking for a good opportunity or experience anywhere. Unless you went to Dicks Last Resort, Ed Debevicks or another establishment where you expected to be treated like crap, we hope for experiences that begin and end with a positive note, ones that begin and end with a smile. As I noted in the last sentence I wrote above in the last paragraph, remaining positive n stuff, positivity has its rewards and the weight of a genuine smile is always priceless.   By being positive and giving others a good smile when you are genuinely pleased, it shows gratitude as well as good hosting. 

            When being a guest, this can be a determining factor of being invited back for other meals, events or even business opportunities.  No one wants to be with a “Debbie Downer,” or “Bitter Brian,” that brings negativity to the table. The memory you receive from a person that has a genuine smile can last lifetimes.  If you have noticed, smiles invite others to smile as well just as laughter can often become contagious in the best of ways.  If a person is having a difficult day or find themselves experiencing hard times, the simplest gesture within a grin will not just light up a room with life but light up another person’s life with a sun ray of hope.

            These lessons and things which I have noticed and spoken about in past blogs are not only beacons of understanding, living, and wellbeing.  These writings serve as a lifeline to our shared humanity, conversations for growth, awareness, building foundations and sharing values such as Honesty, Truth, Understanding, Positive Growth and Love.  These are my attempts to reach many who might have forgotten the weight of simple things thought not tangible or goals once before, believed not reachable.  These will be put into a book and from a book hopefully, just hopefully, this guy who writes “World Help,” publications just might be able to help thousands where others have failed.  I find it only fit for me to add a poem below.  Enjoy…

The elders laugh the joyous laughs we can hear
Learning new skills without embarrassment
Making new friends these old folks do,
Shows us how Bravery is as they have modeled many things before us
Courage is usually observed for heroic stories and 
Timeless anecdotes by those who have escaped death
I do not know if the deer asks “why is there a fire in the forest.”
What I do know is that by smelling smoke and noting the direction of wind
It ran as fast as it could while moving its family to safety
The weight of many thing unseen pulls down the expecting unexpected
While others do not move in their stance towards goals projected
As they learned just how strong their mind is and
Just how weak their body had become from carrying these invisible objects
With every available skill we have and know turned toward the horizon
We press on like old Chinese workers in a room with the first movable type presses
Exited for the outcome and anticipating the release of something good
The Power I know is attributed to those who sought to help another achieve for
Knowing much means nothing when one cannot even meet basic human needs
Open to possibilities we reach further in waters unknown with another weight… Faith yet
This one is not seen either but 
Allows us to get further than thought when our legs fail to move
Choice is in the eyes, actions and lips of the giver and
The Receiver oftentimes through good intention, planning and repetition
Also is gifted a chance
When legs fail to move, even the old dude in the wheelchair can still dance and
The smile he gives to the young child who also cannot walk yet, spreads
Spreads like the best and only wildfire we all hope others would let blaze out of control
Understanding in smiles, knowledge, wisdom and positive words chosen to give as gifts
To get awesome rewards is nice in life however
Giving and leaving good vibes and great things in gifts of smiles wherever we go
Is what it truly means to exist

Friday, February 1, 2019

An Odyssey of Creativity and Wisdom: Day 19

one thousand words daily
Driving across the Bay Bridge to a meeting in the Jag.  Direction & Drive!

Day 19: new year cheer – direction and drive

self defined...
         I would like to call myself many things, many great titles to attribute who I am and where I have been.  Words such as Counselor, Writer, Poet, Artist, Father, Community Builder, Influencer, Healer, Photographer, Philosopher, Naturalist and Survivor are merely some of what pop up when it comes to hashtags I use.  I am as I am, a writer and storyteller by nature as well as a healer. I have called myself a Conduit, Visionary, a Reminder and let my new books, once published, tell more as of what type of dynamic dude I really am.  For now you will have to read these blogs I write and posts to get a sense of who, Sekou really is.  I empower others to be better; do better as well as live healthier in many aspects of their own lives.
            I am no established “Life Coach,” “Health Coach,” or any of those new titles, as many who know me and have worked with me know that I am a whole lot more than one or two titles can define.  Being a reminder of past things, accomplishments, historical stuff I call myself a historian yet I want to do more.  Sometimes I am reminded myself that I have all of the attributes of a leader, yet know that a good leader must be a good listener as well as be very organized. It doesn’t help much that my name means “Wise Leader,” as this is what I have been reminded all of my life by my parents.   My goals now are complicated yet simple to some degree, as I simply want to succeed and plant the right seeds in the right places.
          I want the harvests from all of my hard work to benefit my children, and for creatives, finding viable outlets to express as well as to make a living can become a task if the right avenues and resources are not set up.  Of course we should work hard and diligent towards anything which we truly desire, especially if it makes the quality of life better for us as well as those we care for and love.  In this blog I’ll chat a bit about personal successes, stresses as well as endless possibilities which we can visualize as well as together… dream.

a beginning and an ending
          Last year let me tell ya, was a hell of a year for me in more ways than one.  I was rocked with mounds of hard to face news from family as well as some life changes which affected the way in which I was able to care for myself and those I care for.  I was forced to resign from a job which I built, that no longer valued my input and knowledge (in other words, these guys just didn’t have the knowledge, insight or instinct of how or what to do with me), my son and his mother moved to Las Vegas, which makes it a little more difficult for me to see him.  My Jag blew one hose and fuse too many so it’s now parked in front of a friend’s house. My van (#rastavanancy), which I live and sleep in with my fiancé, is experiencing its own issues so I literally must do what I can to keep that on the road and safe for travel.  About a month after the job ended, we found out that although my fiancé had a permanent procedure for birth control done four years ago, that we were soon to be expecting a miracle baby. 

          I can talk about so many other things yet what is important is that I now, on top of being disabled and homeless in a van, have a zillion reasons that fire up my determination and cause a brotha to wake up at odd times, writing or thinking.  My disability was denied yet for a fourth time yet I have a meeting tomorrow with a representative from Social Security and I will try my best not to rip them a new asshole!  I have found myself telling people a lie recently.  The lie is that I… “Just do not like people that much.”  The honest truth is that I do not necessarily have an issue with people per se as much as I have with the expectations that I place on others.

being content is the least of it...

          I like people, I mean I honestly really do!  Just because some do not share the exact same values as I do does not mean that I need to get angry at them or result to blaming.  Exercising my faith in my Creator solidifies my bond with my fellow man regardless of what they do to me or others.  Through simple reasoning and understanding, we can indeed, know our place in all of this wonderfully beautiful experience we all called life.   So what if my knee swells up to the size of a grapefruit, ankle the size of an orange or if I run out of gas money,  I have lots to be thankful for, so much that I have accomplished and so much more that I have yet to complete.

          In early Winter I completed a book that began as a short story I titled Robin and the Red Tailed Hawk.  My son learned to swim as well as windsurf with my father.  My new son in utero is healthy and is kicking a lot.  I heard from a couple of publishers and that fired me up to hit the grindstone as that was some of the fuel which has recently helped me organize what I need to submit.  One of the things which keep us motivated to do more or be more is our drive, our personal commitment to excellence and the life we desire.
direction and lots of it, plan a,b,c,d and :e,f, and g too,     if you need to
          Having a clear direction helps us know where we are headed as well as gives us an idea of what to expect.  No matter what the outcome, when concerned with performance and the diligence and persistence had, is that we ourselves openly acknowledge who and where we are, and that we find some type of promise or “faith,” which keeps us grounded on our paths no matter what might come up!  Aside from having Direction and Drive, we must remember to be positive and be the “Hell Yeah,” that we hope to see in others and can visualize the “Fuck YES!” that we hope to get once our tasks are accomplished.  We can, at times find ourselves being our worst enemy and our worst critic so remember to give yourself a break and be more of your best friend instead. 
strive, build, stay true to you and survive
          We are not perfect yet every day we can always strive for the better, in what we want to see, in what we want in our lives as well as who we want to become or be to others.  We must find faith in something other than another person, an object, a mechanical or technical device as well as find faith within one’s self.  If trust is what we hope to find in others than we must first establish a strong moral base, so that no matter what happens, that we ourselves remain as solid as the titanium in these legs!  I know that I have been busy with my book writing as well as my health stuff so please forgive me for not posting more and enjoy this fresh poem I am leaving you all with.  My advice for you this New Year is foremost, stay true to you, for you must wake up every day in your own skin and walk the path to a future which only your feet can carry you towards.

In ancient days a wick and a candle held the light needed to guide at night
Mariners looked to the stars, using well the compass and astrolabe
Having to find the means to make a living along with the will to survive
Paths look different to each of us in our own journeys
Some cobblestone to dirt, concrete, smooth basketball court to perfect waves to surf
Finding energy to press on does not come freely for many we must fight
For freedoms, dreams which have been shared and seen or
Purposes grounded in parenthood, promises and others, finances and production
WE hope for lives filled with joy, void of confusion and corruption
When tornadoes of prosperity and greed blow past too close
Taking the very breath we need through its powerful suction
Others have people which feed off of them like the leeches families find attached to skin
Once they have crossed troubled waters for a better life
So that neither one, nor more children with brilliant dreams truly gets left behind
Becoming the reflections of promise their ancestors as well as ours have hoped for
Clearing the air of all chemicals, man-made smog and wildfire smoke
Then it will not matter whether the grass is green or the waters warm
As skies are painted the brightest of blues and
We will eat from what our carefully planted seeds have sprouted into although…
How we decide to make a trip to the destination which waits solely for, is up to us
Walking in harmony along the grounds of the legacies we have built with care and love


Thursday, January 31, 2019

An Odyssey of Creativity and Wisdom Day 20

one thousand words daily
The kid inviting the rainbow.

Day 20: teaching tomorrow (The Children)
               cultivation station: remaining positive
               Are there sounds of happiness which reminds you of good times?  What does Hope look like or sound like to you?
               Insomnia is a friendemy of me, (both friend and enemy).  I get some awesome burst of God-given creativity, pain wakes me up or I have to pee.  Life can send you on paths you in no way prepared for or paved yet, if you want to stick it out through this crazy fun-filled dance we called “Existence,” remember this… that “Struggle is never an option.”   Some type of “Struggle,” is eminent for us yet we can always decide how we view our surroundings, others we encounter and situations we find ourselves in, yet to view it as a sad way of life is not normal.  Positivity is the life-force which leads seeds into sprouting after a fresh rain.  The same goes for the cultivation of our minds and the minds of the youth.
               As I rise before the sun, a blizzard of thoughts blows me back into the past I knew, the person I am now as well as what I know to be possible as well as impossible.  With E-40’s song “I’m Just Happy to be Here,” in my brain blazing trails for a new day, I can’t help but be thankful.  We have multitudes of things we can do to pass time, change things, and keep on living life as it is or be rebellious and think outside the box of how you choose to define this life and your existence.   Although there are factors and things which influence our days and take us to an avenue or situation that we can in no way control, we must stay strong and hold firmly onto this life-saving force called “Hope.”  Being a parent definitely influences my thoughts, as decisions I make are not merely for me but for those I love.
               This daddy as well as relationship thing is serious, for no matter how I’m feeling, I must remain positive as well as hopeful for those I want to see smile.  I cannot let my downsides and bad days influence others so it’s not that I’m ignoring all of the negative factors which I face daily, it is that I am remaining to look at the brighter side of things and be positive, you know, the “Glass half Full,” approach.  Thanks to my genes, my kid loves music and plays instruments, so into the playlist he goes, surprising me with which songs are his favorites.  From the sweet and romantic “Heart and Soul,” song to Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,” to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back!” this kid definitely likes the classics.    Now I’m groovin to Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance,” and glad that the boy likes a beat that I, his dad made on the computer with the demo program "FL Audio," aka "Fruityloops." Link below!


               All of these cool things I see in him as well as his song choices makes me smile as I know that I have not lead my multi-talented son wrong.  I remember when I met Shock G..  He was in the stands when my folks Bill aka “Flo Stone,” was putting together his album with Young Fool R.I.P., J-River and some more  and was asked if I wanted to contribute and be on the record label, who at that time was owned by an acquaintance who now owns the cannabis distribution company 1212 Distribution.   One thing we must all do in life is gage what we deem is this goal we hear of called “Success.”  I write about this subject a lot in many different ways for one strict reason.  That reason is that throughout our lives, and especially in our young lives, we are force-fed messages by our societies as well as those close to us of what success is, what it means and how to achieve it.
we must do more
               Sometimes we go beyond expectations of others and sometimes we do not.  Because of the weight of choice, free will and the small increment of time we are given to live this short span of breathing called existence, I know that everything we decide to do and every path we take, whether self-chosen or chosen for us, is time sensitive and must be done with care and wisdom.  No one goes to a job fair seeing Ron Jeremy at a booth, Elon Musk, or the top traders of stocks from the New York Stock Exchange at a booth now do you?  We don’t see a gentleman from some insane organized crime child trafficking ring with a booth or a counselor from a drug rehab place there telling you how wonderful the job is. There are so many determining factors which hold influence upon our financial as well as social growth, whether we notice it or not.   
clear from the git!
The kid leaning and mastering windsurfing at Sherman Island.
               What we all experience from childhood to an adult determines how we are to exist in the future days ahead as well as what happens to those we take care of.  We can point the finger and play the blame game or we can stop now with these thoughts after reading this and do something about it! Some might say that because of the lack of education (the sad state of our public schools), lack of financial as well as lack thereof cultural or social insight (from the institutions serving us) and lack of wisdom demonstrated,  is indeed why our students do not have a good educational standing fresh out of high school.  Some might look at the environment around us as well as the often strange political nature, social nature of our society and the media (which is supposed to be held responsible to cover current events about our political climate as well as the natural environment in an honest way in order for us help plan our lives) as the problem.  We cannot let the hopelessness, lack of creativity and narrow resolve of those in power to tell us what to do in times of crisis.

               The situation is dire that we ourselves must provide clear definitions of what success means to us and how to attain it. We must be the news broadcasts for our kids and we must have the courage to strike up conversations about morality to see where their heads are and what exactly they are soaking up without us there.    This also means providing alternate educations to our children other than the usual school day has in the classrooms, for we are their most influential teachers; their first teachers!  How do we do this?  One way is by creating an atmosphere of understanding, love as well as having open communication with honest rules and expectations, (for ourselves, those we love and for our children) we can begin to provide a positive place for growth no matter what weather might come. 

the seriousness of trust
               As our children become mirror images of the teenagers we once were, we see ourselves sometimes developing different strategies to reach them.  As the natural family issues arise from drug abuse to a death in the family, the seeds of hope and understanding we have purposely planted will not “Protect,” our children from harm but will indeed season them for the dynamic individuals which they will grow healthily into, proving to all of us who exactly they are!  I know that I am not a perfect father yet also know that my son knows where the love and truth flows from and most of all, I know that he trusts me.  The trust from a child to a parent is as important as knowing how to drive properly or how to wipe your own ass.  Trust is essential in receiving information and computing what we have heard for our own judgment and formulation of opinions.
               I think I’ll leave y’all with a poem now.  I can write about all of these morality things until my carpel tunnel acts up and I know that I need to write another blog on, the Comfort of Trust.  All of this here is way over one thousand words! Enjoy!

Folks I know, know the perfect way to put the devil in a choke hold
One part Love with two parts an abundance of Understanding and Truth
Where I’m from, there is no book box which might have “How to be the Best Dad,”
You will find no “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” on the streets or
“Tools Used to Build a Brighter Future,” only discarded needles, sutures and broken glass
Any parent raising children in a suburban warzone can feel this
Perhaps we all do when folks prove well how they’ve got screws loose
Even this poem is too mashed up in truths and places which might show where those fallen stocks go
While hope flows still like the invisible Amazon River I heard about in the stratosphere
Wasting nothing, no seconds, no second servings or solutions to have to deal with
We strengthen our bases, stare straight into greedy faces and academic hopefuls while Raising Realness
As questions surmount to displace even some of the new truths which we have also found
We must talk more, hug more, brain-storm more until we all get brain-farts to the core
Building foundations which might not survive like the many species currently going extinct
On a rapid level we must build a new network of hopeful thinking every second of every blink
Wondering how we are to raise them without the treasures which we once had
No longer there these morals and gifts, must we seek new ways to reach and teach as well as fight back
For the waters are rising quicker than they can build the levees and
Much too fast than the best crafting plastic machine can print body bags
Time is upon us to be thankful as well as knowledgeable of its passing as time goes
When there is no land present, only hopes in heaven when flames are on shore, we must stroke!
Teaching youth ways of resilience, love, tolerance and engines of ingenuity
Preparing them for worlds we might never live to set foot upon or see
Knowing that some of us too require to be re-taught what might have been long forgotten
When skies grow rotten as well as the fruit
While thousands grow hungry from un-reaped harvests which we failed to properly distribute
Asking for more from us, from their silence alone, we must in turn be more for everyone

Hoping for love when our child first looked upon us, know that we are their first Sun
Bringing the miracle of warmth in a world getting warmer with climate yet colder in hearts
At home it begins for some while in the streets for others it unfortunately starts

Raising Realness & Hope

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

An Odyssey of Creativity and Wisdom Day 18

one thousand words daily

I took these shots from Bilal's video "Soul Sister,"
and many years ago vowed that when I got my place, that this would be the wall art

Day: 18 – there is no apology for existing nor should there be.
if there wereyou would never find this man doing so or following in any behavior that belittles or shames the gift of my complicated being.
–S.M. Black

            Life is Beautiful, and Black, will Always be the “New Black.” Black will never go out of style and…
Black Will Be Forever Beautiful!
our reality
            Imagine being told not to love by default, that love, just as mercy and empathy, which should course through our consciousness, is instead taught to you as being weaknesses instead of important threads which hold humanity and communities of people together?  Imagine the whole society you grew up in from place to place reminds you that no matter what, you will not matter if you do not jump exactly how they jump and that beauty is only determined by the famous, Hollywood, or an ideal standard. Imagine being constantly being fed images and messages that riches is only worth the family that you are from, that yours does not matter, and that people, as in the general public do not care what goes on with your family, that they might be part of the “problems,” we all face.  Imagine your teachers telling you that covertly as well as in straight forward ways?  This is the past and present which I contend with, with every breath, all of the time. This is the future that I will fight for my unborn child as well as the beautiful children I have here facing such opposition now! 
 a simplified response
            This is in response to the opposition which is the opposite of what I talk about and do.  I love others to the point where it somehow ends up biting me in the ass however I fear no one nor do I fear anything crawling, flying or manifesting!  Thus this is a direct assault against ignorance, lack of justice, lack of empathy, Evil and Hate!  Days ago a Jewish synagogue was bombed and many lost people they loved dear.  Folks were just going to worship God in their own way, to be taken out by the opposition of love, hate!  If you hate another person or hate yourself for any reason, stop now!  My longer response, I’m saving for a book.

the task that gives
            Forgiving others, or on the road to do so does not mean that you have to forget your transgressors, just simply forgive (which ain’t that simple sometimes), which is logical to do since we are not perfect and will never be.   Don’t for one moment think that I will fail to defend my own family or that I might forget the folly’s folks do against us.  Will I hate them for their ignorance? No, I will not.  Instead I will remind them in my own ways, fighting in many common ways others do, which do not include violence if it can be avoided. 
            Some protest, some run for office and organize while I will speak and write truths and stories many purposely choose to forget or leave out for one reason or another.  Should I hate my political system for their lack of effort and blind eyes? No, I will love, refuse to turn the other cheek this time, and fight with all of my might, the wheels of justice, while offering community, togetherness and love, silencing hate in the process.  No matter who you are, I feel it is of utmost importance for you to feel comfortable being the person you were crafted to be.  We were once taught that our environment alone is to be attributed to the dynamic individuals we are today.  What we have learned since, thanks to genetics, studies in sociology as well as from observation is that who we are and how we have become is a lot deeper than many can comprehend. 
our existence
            The miracle life is more precious than all of the riches any king can even dream of having for himself or his lands.  Life just as time cannot be taken back no matter how much we try to manipulate it.  Just like when we throw a dart to a dart board, there is a target and once it leaves our hand, no matter how we aim it, it will travel and hit somewhere.   Such is the gift of life.  But what exactly do we do when we are fed messages that we don’t matter, that our struggles are in vain and that our own very lives are but to be “Units of Production,” and can at any time be compromised?  When we experience such opposition at the workplace, we either decide to stay and endure the abuse, assuming that this is normal to be “Let go,” at any given time since we are told that “we are replaceable!,” or we look for work elsewhere in a better environment when we find the time.   You and I… we are unique in every facet of our being, in who we are as well as in what we can accomplish alone but most definitely for what we can accomplish together. 

            Remember that you are no accident, that it takes some special type of love to grow.  As I have stated many times, even the weeds that grow in-between the cracks in concrete need the love of water or morning dew to sprout forth.  What happens when there is no water?  Those weeds eventually die, withering dry and blowing away before even being able to sprout seeds of their own. We all require some sort of opportunity or chance in order to stay alive.  To be able to believe what you want to believe, achieve what you want to achieve, and think what you want to think without the negativity and backlash associated with failure, pain, and misunderstanding, sometimes we are forced to fight.  Luckily for many, love has conquered more in sharing thoughts, feelings, dreams as well as financial insights than all of the bombs ever launched, bullets that have left barrels of guns, arrows shot and swords wielded.
            For the sake of being you, I toast to all of your dreams accomplished, all of your successes known as well as personal, as well as toast to the wellness I hope for all of you to have, in life as well as in having a healthy and happy family. I for one find myself having to fight for myself constantly as well as for the young family I must protect and watch out for in many ways.  My son is with his mother this Halloween and thus, due to her new beliefs, she will not be taking the children trick of treating.  I am not okay with her decision yet I am powerless at this point to do anything about it.  What I can do is send all of my love to my son until we meet soon.  I’ll include a poem for you below to add to the flow.  Enjoy and have a happy as well as a safe Halloween!

On this night of all hallows, many we cannot see will venture out and thrive
As spirits once loved have visited on their day of the dead
Pagans practice with their squashes while some Christians watch in horror
Children grab candies while some grab children giving tricks instead, yet
We become afraid of the monsters we know of that we can in no way control
Remembering well the transgressions and actions which cannot be reversed
But who truly knows the current cost and weight of the human soul?
While many cover themselves with costumes to allow their wild side to break about
Others let out the ugliness inside as well as the true them that they can no longer hide
Becoming as wild as wild they believe they can get away with
Drinking spirits while taunting ones as well that the wise know better than to play with
We when lonely seeking kindred souls when lonely to hold close and lay with
Can we become more aware of our impact on our planet and others than what is expected?
Truth stands as tall monuments just as tall trees do after wildfire has passed through
Tall and dark without branches some still stand sadly to remind of times past
Igniting fires in the heart as a start along with the jack-o-lantern flame tonight I hope
With lives that pass between the eyes during our existence leave a deep impact
Eventually as ours also with memory does not leave with merely ashes and smoke
So we condition ourselves accordingly in a world filled with patterns, and repetition
Creating community with no void nor distance can suggest
Giving light to dark situations with understanding, positivity and love as our mission

All Hallow's Reach